Humble beginnings

elcome to the research blog of Johnny Rodgers, a Master of Science student at SFU SIAT. I am a member of the Human-Centered Systems for Sustainable Living research group.

I am interested in information visualization techniques for providing feedback on resource consumption. This research is informed by the idea that in order to adopt an ethic of conservation and sustainability, we must first develop knowledge and mindfulness. My research involves identifying the factors involved in motivating resource conservation through the application of information visualization and interaction design techniques. The techniques and tools I am interested in developing are primarily intended for use by individuals in residential settings.

This research blog will be used to collect my notes and findings over the course of my thesis. You can read more about my research, or browse my projects and publications. I’m also keeping a tumblog of bits & pieces related to my research at The best way to get in touch with me is by email at jgr3 at sfu dot ca.