Takeout sushi, minus the styrofoam

love sushi. As there are about 10 great places within a ten minute walk of our apartment in Vancouver, my fiancée and I often get takeout. However, after every delicious meal, a great wave of guilt rolls over me for the immense pile of unrecyclable trash that takeout sushi entails: styrofoam clamshells, throwaway chopsticks, plastic tubs of soy sauce, and napkins all stacked up in a hideous shrine to convenient disposability!


After a while, this was really getting to me, so I decided to try taking my own containers to the restaurant: some Glad sandwich containers and leftover plastic tubs from the salad bar. To my surprise, they had no problem with this. I was expecting hesitancy due to some rule or another about sterilization of food containers. Instead, they gladly took my tupperware, and returned it full of sushi, miso, tofu, and rice, all neatly tied up in the canvas bag I’d brought it in.


We’ve now been doing this for a few months, and have had the same no-questions-asked experience at three of our favourite sushi restaurants. Guilt-free tempura yam roll never tasted so good.