Past, present, and future

Upon successfully defending my thesis in February, I found myself suddenly at the end of my Masters degree. Just like that, 2.5 years of work came to a recognizable endpoint. I decided I was ready for it.

Since then, I have been working full time as a UI Developer and Interaction Designer at SAP Labs Vancouver, where I work with an amazing team on StreamWork, a social collaboration app for business. I am enjoying the transition to industry for the time-being, and am learning a great deal from my colleagues about how to apply design thinking to interesting everyday problems, and how to write scalable, maintainable, and reliable software. I am also learning just how skewed the view of the real world really is from inside the academic bubble.

My thesis is available in full as a PDF from the SFU digital library: Residential Resource Use Feedback: Exploring Ambient and Artistic Approaches. Please contact me if you are interested in a printed copy, or in reproduction of individual chapters.

Though I’ve moved on from school, I’m of course still fascinated by the topics of my research, so I’m not entirely removing myself from the discussion. Recent and upcoming experiences/projects include:

I’m excited by the innovative ideas coming out of the HCI and UbiComp communities around sustainability and our relationship to the resources we use, and the spontaneous collectives springing up around these issues in Vancouver. I’m also energized by the possibilities that DIY/hack culture represent for innovation in this and a multitude of related areas. With these interests in mind, and so many questions to explore, I don’t think my official time in the culture of ideas is done quite yet. But taking several years off between my undergrad and masters was the best thing I ever did for my personal development and perspective on technology. See you in a while!