H2O-Ware V1 Prototype

H2O-Ware is an open-source hardware and software project to develop an initial prototype in the domain of point-of- consumption water use monitoring. The project goals are to design and build a working prototype, explore possible applications, and make the technical specifications of the device open and extensible online to foster Do-It-Yourself modifications and uses.

System Diagram

H2O-Ware System Diagram

Circuit Design

H2O-Ware V1.0 Circuit Design
Created with Fritzing.


Flickr Set includes extensive notes and annotations of most of the hardware development steps.


Vimeo Album includes demos, explanations of the hardware, and some discussion of the prototype design.




Many thanks to the Arduino, Fritzing, and Processing communities for making this project possible. Special thanks to Limor Fried and Allen Bevans.

This project borrows ideas and code from the following tutorials and libraries:


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