Poster accepted to InfoVis

ot the good news today that I’ll be presenting at the InfoVis poster session during VisWeek. The poster is a revised version of the work I presented at GRAND (which was non-archival):

J. Rodgers, L. Bartram. “Visualizing Residential Resource Use: A Framework for Design.” Proceedings of InfoVis 2010.

Effectively visualizing residential resource consumption is a key challenge of environmental conservation efforts. However, existing approaches have relied on a variety of assumptions about effective techniques without a unifying theoretical foundation, a set of criteria for categorizing different approaches, or a means of evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of each. This is a design space in need of some structure. We present our ongoing work to construct a comprehensive framework for the design and analysis of information visualization techniques for the provision of feedback on residential resource use. The framework is intended to serve both the investigation of existing instances and the design of future systems. It is our hope that continued refinement of this framework will deepen our understanding of effective approaches in this domain, and establish a common set of terms to characterize the field.

See you in Utah!