Poster submitted to Graphics Interface

oday Lyn and I submitted a poster proposal to the 36th Graphics Interface conference, to be held in Ottawa in June. According to the conference website, it is the oldest continuously-scheduled conference in the field, inviting research in interactive systems, human computer interaction, and graphics. We decided to focus our contribution on our research in ambient and artistic information visualization of residential resource use, with the prototypes from North House and West House as examples.

Rodgers, J. and Bartram, L. (2010). Ambient and Artistic Visualization of Residential Resource Use.

Supporting sustainable resource use in the home requires a range of feedback techniques to enable informed decision-making. These techniques can include traditional screen-based interfaces, but these tools often require too much effort and attention from already-busy residents. An alternative approach is the provision of ambient and artistic visualizations integrated into the domestic environment. This method reduces the attention required of residents, increases aesthetic interest and coherence with the home, and enables situated and timely feedback on resource use. We present the theoretical basis of our research, discuss how we have applied it to the development of prototypes in two green home projects, and detail our ongoing efforts to evaluate techniques within this domain.