Paper submitted to Ubiquitous Computing

ogether with my colleagues on the North House and West House projects, I’ve recently submitted a full paper to Ubiquitous Computing 2010. If accepted, it will be published in the conference proceedings of the event in Copenhagen, Denmark in September!

In this paper, we present our design rationale and experiences regarding our two house projects. We include thorough system descriptions of each unique implementation of the control and feedback systems, emphasizing the potential of this combination to support sustainable living. That is, simultaneously providing feedback on house state and enabling action to adjust that state through intelligent control and optimization. We also address the body of work, particularly in the UbiComp field, that has informed our work and offered opportunities for further development of such systems.

Bartram, L., Rodgers, J. Brandson, C. and MacKenzie, R. (2010). Supporting Sustainable Living: Aware Homes and Smart Occupants.

Awareness of resource consumption in the home is a key part of reducing our ecological footprint, yet lack of appropriate understanding and motivation often deters residents from behaviour change. We report on the design and implementation of an in-home system that supports residents in awareness of resource use, facilitates efficient control of house systems, and encourages conservation in daily activities. Initial response from two high-profile deployments in unique homes indicates this approach has great potential in engaging residents in sustainable living.